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Re: Can we see that aikido is all over the place in MMA?

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Definition of Aikido. Mmmmm. Which one. I wonder if anyone could answer the following:

1) Descriptive definition.

2) Literal Definition.

3) Technical Definition.

4) Mental Definition.

5) Spiritual Definition.

6) Founder's Definition(s)

7) Hombu's Definition.

8) IP folks Definition.

9) Each past Shihan's Definition.

10) Kotodama Definition.


Mmmmm. Have fun.

Nice post Graham. It really emphasizes how limiting definitions are by their nature. An Aikido defined by its techniques flies in the face of O Sensei's words regarding the nature of technique: "The techniques of the Way of Peace change constantly..." and "Today's techniques will be different tomorrow."

Pure Aikido has no form and therefore cannot be defined using any particular form as the basis for a definition.


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