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graham christian
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Re: Internal Training Practices within the art of Aikido

Ron Ragusa wrote: View Post
A small point Graham... as we present it, correct feeling isn't a principle, it's the result of proper mind/body coordination. The various principles related to Ki development are employed as metaphorical triggers that help the student replicate the feeling associated with a coordinated mind and body. As the student increasingly internalizes correct feeling, reliance on the triggers becomes less and less important. The fact that you folks have a slightly different approach is a testament to the richness of the Aikido learning experience.

I've discovered that it's the experience of correct feeling that gives real meaning to phrases like 'keep one point', 'keep weight underside', 'develop a positive mind' and 'extend Ki'; which in and of themselves, without the experience, don't convey a lot of meaningful information.

Sounds good to me Ron. As I see it the emphasis serves as a good continual reminder. A nice discipline.

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