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Re: Internal Training Practices within the art of Aikido

Jonathan Wong wrote: View Post
..., are by definition "qigong." A lot of times people try to make some distinction, and I think there is no distinction that should be made.
As far as I have experienced it, the "chinese way of qi gong" to which the term "qi gong" usually is connected uses certain methods,way of using the body, definitions, has a certain background in theory ... and so on. This work is in no way arbitrary.

So even if calling every way of working with qi "qi gong" maybe correct in a vocabular sense.
It does not necessarily have to make sense with regard to its substance.

The way of understanding and working with "ki" in most aikidō dōjō I know is clearly and substantially different from what I know as the way of qi gong. (Interestingly this is especially true for the Ki-Aikido (Yoshigasaki sensei) I experienced.)

So I think it helps, to differentiate the different ways of understanding qi and working with qi for the purpose of better identifying what we talk about.
For example, torifune or furitama can be practiced as a form of qi gong. But for that you have to know, how to do this. They are not qi gong by just mimicing the outer shape of the movement. They (can) become qi gong by using a certain way of using the body.
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