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Re: Strange, Odd and False Theories of 'Aiki'

Alex Megann wrote: View Post
"Aiki is to make the power of the enemy into nothing, and to apply an attack with the focused power (集中力 / "shuchu-ryoku") of Aiki to the enemy in that state. Aiki-no-jutsu is a method of making the enemies attack into nothing when defending, making the enemies power of resistance into nothing when attacking, and attacking and neutralizing the enemy through the focused power of Aiki"

This seems to sum up a lot of what I feel is important in aikido. To make the attacker's power into nothing is paradoxical and beautiful. If you have felt this yourself, the draw of attempting to find it is hard to resist.

Just because Ueshiba was fond of stating that "Aiki is Love", it doesn't mean he wasn't aware of the other aspects too.

Hmm, oddly prescient of the next blog....



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