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Re: Internal Training Practices within the art of Aikido

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Hi Ron,
does anybody, maybe from France, Italy or Germany, have more detailed information?
Nowadays Tada Sensei does not come to Germany, but I saw him on two or three Seminars, one evening before a Seminar he gave a lesson in the Dojo of my teacher, Asai Sensei.

He tought us a set of exercises which are part of his ki-no-renma, and which he does as preparation exercises in every training.
There were no deeper explanations, but he said for example when he explained a specific breathing-exercise: "do this every day half an hour, beginners 15 minutes".
I don't think many people listened to this advice.
For a long time I also forgot this, but some time ago I tried to remember what he showed, and began to integrate this exercises in my daily training again.
Some of the exercises remind of qi-gong, but it's a mixture of healing practice, for example to clean the lungs ore the kidneys, kokyu training and mental training.
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