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Marc Abrams
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Re: Dan Harden- Bedford Hills, New York Feb 8-10

The seminar in February had to be cancelled due to the snow storm. Fortunately, Dan Harden was at this dojo teaching another seminar in his yearly seminar series at this school this past weekend.

This seminar was very well attended. We allowed several people who had never trained with Dan before to attend on Saturday and Sunday. Attendees ranged from koryu students, Chinese Martial Arts students, and of course, Aikido students. Many of the attendees have been attending Dan's seminars for at least one year.

I have been privileged to be studying with Dan for almost three years now. It is remarkable to see the tremendous growth in my fellow attendees over these years, regardless of the art studied. I feel that we are finally at a point where Dan feels comfortable enough with our progress to teach direct applications of this profoundly deep material. The application of principles can be manifest in a myriad of ways and art forms, which is the hallmark of what underlies a principle. The nice thing is with the increased time spent in the paired and solo practices, we are becoming aware of, and correcting more and more mistakes, enabling us to begin to take this material and directly express it within our arts.

The best part of this journey (for me) are the friendships with Dan, his students and fellow attendees that have been deepening over this past years. This has always been the best part of training in martial arts for me, and this group represents some of the nicest, most sincere, honest and humble martial artists I have had the honor to have meet and train with!

Marc Abrams
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