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FWIW: I was intrigued by Kondo Katsuyuki's definition of aiki as basically unbalancing as given in Stanley Pranin's book on DR Aikijujutsu. During the DR seminar last weekend I asked Stanley--with tongue somewhat in cheek--during his talk about the translation of aikido. Usually translated as "the way of harmony, what do you think of the translation: 'The way of unbalancing.'"

He answered straight that this is obviously not what the founder was thinking when using the term.

Still, it's interesting to see the permutations of meaning that occur with time and personalities. The Japanese love their punning: Osensei saying Asahi-ryu was a fine name for what he was teaching but that for the students to find different kanji for writing it from the kanji for the Asahi newspaper where they were practicing; Osensei say AIkido is the way of love; Okamoto riffing off the many possible meanings of his "Roppo"-kai (in the same book cited above)...

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