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Re: Can we see that aikido is all over the place in MMA?

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Person B has posted some very definitive explanations on Aikiweb, more than once, with no excuses about being "propietary" - person B has gone to some lengths, on Aikiweb, to state specifically that what they are doing is not proprietary, but is and has been done by many people and in many traditions.

But, like any other physical/mental practice, there is a limit to how effective such descriptions are without some common context, that's all.

And person A hasn't shown anywhere at all that they are "more spiritual" - I'm not even sure how you would show that.


Ha ha...this cracks me up. Are we now not even allowed to say Dan's name here now?

Has he become the Voldemort of the aikido community? He may have been cast out, but speaketh his name and his presence returns, potentially corrupting new users who decide to use the search function to find the Dark Lord.

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