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Re: Strange, Odd and False Theories of 'Aiki'

Jonathan Wong wrote: View Post
Thank Chris, for more good reading.
Anyone know the identity of the authors criticized here?
Obviously "aiki is love" is familiar as one of O-sensei's favorite homonyms.

What about "to split the opponent's strength into two halves and then balance those forces?"

Also, this is the first time I have seen the Nenokichi Sagawa notebook quote in Japanese, thanks! What kanji might that note "合気'かける" refer to? I used wiktionary and nothing was obvious for "to apply." But, the first result was 掛ける. (To lock or suspend) Could it mean something like to lock in a state of balanced intent? (make it so that you actively maintain a state of balanced force even as the uke tries to struggle?)
I'm not sure where the splitting quote came from.

You've got the right kanji for "kakeru", it's often used in terms of applying a technique (just any old technique).



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