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graham christian
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Re: does nikyo hurt?

Yeah, I agree we have to remember it's a martial art. Most stories from whoever, whether shihan or otherwise I take with a pinch of salt if I see they are based on fear. The answer is very rarely being harsh to make real for most times that is very unreal in my experience.

Simple understanding is the key as far as I am concerned. Correct understanding leads to correct application. Incorrect understanding leads to all kinds of weird and wonderful methods based on "what ifs" and "real life" and "martial" and "past" .........all too complex.

Just know how good you are at nikkyo with reality and you then know how much more you need to learn. End result is when you are very good at it and confident with it no matter who, where or when. Simple really.

Nikkyo hurts mainly to the degree someone isn't very good at it bottom line. Next in importance is that it hurts due to some people like giving pain unfortunately. I would say in my experience that's the second most common reason. Still, that's just as bad and actually useless. Good for ego though.

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