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Re: where is the Aiki in Dentokan Aiki-Jujutsu

I really understand this Mert,

the philosophy of budo and its emphasis on protecting life wherever possible, is a very powerful motivator to me. I want the confidence to be able to defend myself but I also want to be able to help others as well.

I find the approaches of aikido and hakkoryu to budo fascinating, both ultimately view budo as the way of peace just take different roads to achieve this. I always think about budo like this, you must first learn to take life before you can give it. We train in the martial arts to equip ourselves with the skillset and self-control to be able to respond decisively and react rationally to a violent confrontation. This is where we need the knowledge and ability to defend ourselves even against or with lethal force if necessary; but we are able to use that knowledge and ability to protect life when there is the option to do so.
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