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Re: where is the Aiki in Dentokan Aiki-Jujutsu

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Both mainline Hakkoryu and KoKoDo place a lot of emphasis on the koho shiatsu and Dentokan does not. I think that is the defining difference. We make reference to meridians and vital areas, but Hobbs-Sensei is certainly not teaching shiatsu and considering the fact that I don't think he has studied it since his time at the hombu in the 80s, I don't imagine he will start anytime soon.

Dentokan is largely just Hakkoryu from the 1980s with no emphasis placed on the shiatsu. In my conversations with Devon and KoKoDo practitioners, the koho shiatsu is where the "aiki" comes from. In my mind, that sets Dentokan Jujutsu (or Dentokan Nihon Jujutsu as it's referred to now) apart as something significantly different. Not better or worse, just different.
I have to admit though, when I was looking for a martial art to practice, the shiatsu was a major deal-maker for me re: Hakkoryu (we were a Hakko Denshin Ryu dojo at the time). I checked out a number of schools, and in many there were students attending class who were sitting out (e.g. in BJJ, judo, aikido, striking arts) due to injuries. During one of the first time's I walked into my teacher's dojo, a sankyu said, "Don't worry. He (Gil Adams) knows a million ways to break people, but he can fix 'em too." Very true words.

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