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Re: Source of the nameing conventions.

Christian Mikkelson wrote: View Post
Not sure: "shomen uchi ikkajo osae ichi" is a technique. Would you say "ikkajo" is a technique?
Isn't it just a matter of convention?

I'm an aikikai student.
Watching I and I would say that shomen uchi ikkajo osae ichi in yoshinkan is shomen uchi ikkyo omote in aikikai and shomen uchi ikkajo osae ni in yoshinkan is shomen uchi ikkyo ura in aikikai.

To me it seems that shomen uchi (forehead strike) is the attack and the defense (elbow lock) is called ikkajo osae in yoshinkan and ikkyo in aikikai. Omote and ura are positioning variations meaning "the front" and "the back" (of the attacker).

In my experience, technique in aikikai usually refers to what the defender does (ikkyo omote, or just ikkyo). One of my teachers regularly states that aikido has only a small numbers of techniques. But in some contexts, technique refers to the combination of attack and defense (like shomen uchi ikkyo omote), on a list of test requirements for example.

So perhaps what is commonly called a technique in aikikai, might be called a series in yoshinkan. I've never heard about series in aikikai.

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