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Re: Can we see that aikido is all over the place in MMA?

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Discussion of Aiki as a technical method has nothing to do cutting anything off from anything. In fact, I would argue that Ueshiba found his way to the spiritual side of Aiki that he quoted so often through the technical method, that in fact he said that very thing, and that this was (according to him) "the only way that he knew" to get there. The two are tied together intimately. So much so that I could well argue that it is conventional modern Aikido has cut itself off from the very methods that Morihei Ueshiba himself employed.
Right, what technical method is this again? Haha just kidding.

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
You're right about "common old jujutsu techniques", of course, and that's really my point about the difficulty of defining Aikido by a particular technical curriculum. I don't know about none competitive anymore, there are at least two major styles that have competition, and some minor ones.
Yeah and their technical curricula have changed to suit the fact that they practice competitively. Which shows that the technical curriculum that you learn from a teacher of Aikido is what characterizes Aikido. if somebody teaches you something technical, and says it is Aikido, there needs to be something that clearly demonstrates that this technical think was transmitted by Ueshiba for it to be Aikido. (If the teacher makes no claim of it being Aikido but you like it and find it useful training that fits in with your Aikido practice that's a different story.)
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