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Re: Can we see that aikido is all over the place in MMA?

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
That "virtually all of us do seem to agree" is false on the face of it - otherwise you wouldn't have had to post complaining that many people are "misusing" the word "Aikido".
On the contrary, there can be no claim of misuse without a general consensus on what is proper use. And before you claim that no such consensus exists, think about the way you answered the last time someone who heard you do aikido asked, "What's that?" I bet you talked about a Japanese martial art with throws and locks and not aiki principles.

The definition I'm advocating is the definition we all already use when pressed.

I posted some very pertinent examples (Mochizuki and Ueshiba, both Moriteru and Morihei) that specifically do not agree on that basis.
And I have explained why their disagreement is irrelevant to the formulation of a conversationally functional definition.

That's hardly a straw man.
You invented a position for me and then refuted it, regardless of the fact that it was not actually my position. That is the very definition of straw man. I have not, at any point in this thread, advocated a definition of aikido based on the curriculum at my particular club. For you to claim that I am doing so is, to be frank, an outright lie.

And now I think I'll leave this thread before I start being a real jerk. But I might revisit this subject on my blog.

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