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Re: At One With The Universe

Ting Piao wrote: View Post

Thanks for sharing. This is a good one, fun to read and think. Somehow it reminds me of the principle "Ki is extending", I guess it's because when our Ki is extending, we're at one with the Universe, then confidence, just as power, is just one of the perspectives of that state.

Thanks Ting. Yes I agree it is like when Ki is extending for the problem isn't just about extending Ki but also about what that leads to. Ki connects, reaches, has it's natural destination. So it's also about what it connects to and thus puts you in connection with. Our own interference with this and trying to make it go where we 'want it to' is self defeating. I sometimes call it the principle of allowance.

Thus it is us ourselves who prevent ourselves being at one with the universe. Just shows how dumb we are

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