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Re: Can we see that aikido is all over the place in MMA?

Matthew Story wrote: View Post
If O Sensei gave such clear definitions of aikido, then why do you need such a broad definition as "anything aiki"?

But you maintain aiki can be present in dancing and in many martial arts, and that the definition of aikido is anything done with aiki. Therefore, according to your definition, the sentence, "I practice aikido," is a very unclear sentence--we don't really know what activity the speaker is talking about.
It's only unclear if your definition of Aiki is unclear, as I said before, and that's my last comment on that, I think.

Matthew Story wrote: View Post
IAny definition which does not distinguish our martial art from others is useless. Dan's does not, and Chris's does not, therefore they are useless.
I really don't think that you understand my definition, as I mentioned above.



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