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Re: How to Get the Most Out of Attending Aikido Camp

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
still waiting for the section on how to party at camp.
I remember practicing with a certain senior after the camp party, and that basically meant entering an alcoholic mist. He looked somewhat green, but kept practicing!

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
one of the model, that i saw and liked, came from Andy Sato sensei. at the beginning and thru out the seminar, Sato sensei emphatically told the black belts that they need to work with lower ranks and not clumped together. he also told folks to practice in group, with at least one or more black belts in a group. this sort of force folks to work with everyone. then Sato sensei went around and practice with each group. this took away some of the intimidating factors using a group learning/practicing approach.
I do like the teachers who get around and practice with most if not all participants - not just the favoured ukes. Have only attended a single seminar with Endo sensei, but he certainly got around. Others include Takeda sensei, and Ikeda sensei, and Inaba sensei in some courses where he took kenjutsu ukemi for everyone present.
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