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Re: where is the Aiki in Dentokan Aiki-Jujutsu

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Well I've only had direct training from Hobbs once, at a seminar two years ago, but one of my shihans is a very senior ranking member of Dentokan, and often has anecdotes of his times training with Hobbs Sensei, so I think his teaching is a fairly good representation of Hobbs'. I would be inclined to agree based on my training that aiki is not really taught. However, as you mentioned Kokodo and Hakkoryu explore aiki in more depth and so I think it can be found in Dentokan, but you have to discover it for yourself. There's nothing wrong with having a strong foundation in Jujutsu and I like my training in Dentokan aiki-jujutsu and its emphasis on the Jujutsu waza. However, for me the martial arts are a path of learning and self-development, and I want to continue to pursue this path and not just tread water. Aiki, I believe is part of the path I have chosen through the martial arts and so therefore I want to learn how to develop it.
Here's a demo of Hakkoryu Niho Nage that can be used for reference and comparison:

So, in one's respective art, what would be used to generate similar ukemi against someone who is bearing weight forward and down to defeat the Hakko Dori / Aiki Age?

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