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Re: Source of the nameing conventions.

From all of my teaching materials, Osensei just paired down the names of the techniques. Aikido still contains many of the techniques from Daito-ryu, we just don't distinguish a lot of them only because one insignificant movement changed. As was stated before, kajo, of the ikkajo means the volume of a series. Budo Renshu doesn't name any techniques, they are all numbered. Shioda Sensei was the first student receiving permission from Osensei to go and teach, therefore, Yoshinkan contains a lot of the technique verbiage as Daito-ryu for that was the way Osensei was teaching at that time.

Here are the techniques of Daito-ryu's Ikkajo in order:

 ippon dori 一本捕 one long thing grab
 gyaku ude dori 逆腕捕 reverse arm grab (nikyo omote)
 hiji gaeshi 肘返し elbow return
 kuruma daoshi 車倒し carriage throw (sumi otoshi)
 shime kaeshi 絞め返し choke return (kokyu nage)
 daki jime 抱締め hug (a person) choke
 karami nage 手扌弱投 entangle, bind throw (juji nage)
 kote gaeshi 小手返し return wrist (reverse kote gaeshi)
 nukite dori 抜手捕 withdraw grab
 hiza shime 膝締め knee hug
 hanmi nage 半身投 half body throw
 ura otoshi 裏落 rear drop
 izori 居友 sitting backwards body drop
 kata otoshi 肩落 shoulder drop
 irimi nage 入身投 enter body throw (shiho nage)
 koshi guruma 腰車 lower back carry
 obi otoshi 帯落 belt drop
 kiri kaeshi 切返し cutoff return (a twisting backward knee trip)
 shiho nage 四方投 four direction throw
 tachieri dori 五襟捕 standing collar grab
 ryokata hineri 両肩捻 both shoulder twist
 ryohiji gaeshi 両肘返し both elbow return
 takano tsume 詰め stopper
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