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Re: How to Get the Most Out of Attending Aikido Camp

I think the lack of private instruction and open mat time is one of the greatest weaknesses of the standard Aikido teaching methodology.

At BJJ seminars they block out time during the weekend for the instructor to spend one on one time with the several pre-determined students from the dojo being visited. One would think that kind of seminar set-up would result in some upset feelings regarding who is and is not getting attention, but in reality (similar to people at seminars trying to stay invisible at the periphery of the group) many BJJ seminars have trouble filling those one on one slots, and the those who are serious rise.

I understand that shifting the burden of apprehending the transmission to the student is part of the training, but I think our transmission is attenuated tremendously by the lack of this personal time (not only with the people who have the goods but also the people who are breaking into the goods). As George suggests, camps can help fill this role if you are savvy.
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