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At One With The Universe

Being at one with the universe. What is it? What I can say is that Aikido can answer the question so I shall give an Aikido perspective on this statement from my personal experiences.

Many times I have trained in the past with those of other disciplines and probably no different from most always at the back of my mind was 'how would my art deal with what the other was doing?' On testing I came across many failures and many successes but was always interested in what the real difference was between the two.

Basically it all boils down to confidence. Confidence in your own art. Now true confidence isn't a matter of just how you feel at the time but actually is a hard earned condition, level of ability if you like.

At that point you are at one with the universe and that includes being at one with your own 'way' whilst being at one with the 'others' way and thus the other's way becomes of no consequence whilst at the same time being respected.

Now to put in into perspective let's take life. There is a condition in life called understanding. Real understanding. In that condition relating to something or someone you find yourself centred and calm and at ease no matter what the other may say or what others may say. This is also a harmonic of being at one with the universe. So what happens there? Well the main thing that happens and that you can then see would happen even in a martial 'contest' is that you are not drawn into an argument or the 'others' world.

I found this very interesting for it answered the solution to being drawn into and being led by others.

There is no attack in Aikido, there is no opponent. This now begins to make more sense.

When you look from the view of there is no attack then you realize the person attacking you be it with words or physically is actually defending something. So from that view there is only defence happening from that other. They are defending some idea and something about you has been seen as a threat. Thus they are merely their own enemy. Thus Aikido is not being drawn into their perceived opposition but merely to understand and bring them back to stability. To be drawn into their fight is to lose for you are then no longer at one with either your way or their way or thus the universe.

Ahhh, the path of peace.

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