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Re: Can we see that aikido is all over the place in MMA?

Cliff Judge wrote: View Post
Well you haven't done much as far as laying out exactly what your training is. I haven't seen the exercises and such explicitly described. There's no youtube videos.

I have seen bits and pieces hinting at what you do, but it still seems to be a new method. Different than Aikido, more similar to Chinese arts than Aikido's antecedents.
Well, it's out there, for those who go through the trouble. "It's not on YouTube" and "seems to be" isn't much of a justification for your assertion that it's new. I know that there are senior instructors in your own organization who would tell you the same thing.

Cliff Judge wrote: View Post
Like, in your life? That's great, man. It is my core calling also. But I practice other arts too - I put myself into them 100% when it is training time, and then I don't worry about redefining Aikido around the other arts' techniques, philosophies and parameters. I change a little and get a little better everytime I train, and it expresses itself no matter where I am or what I am doing.
No redifining Aikido going on around here - around here we leave that to the modern Aikido guys.



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