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Re: Can we see that aikido is all over the place in MMA?

Cliff Judge wrote: View Post
I dunno. If MMA puts any pressure on traditional martial arts, it is on practitioners, not on systems.

Most of the usual "MMA vs Aikido" stuff seems to fit here. In what venue are MMA people who have trained for 6 months "eating Aikido people alive?" The ring? Give the Aikido people 6 months of training and see what happens, right? Are the MMA people stepping onto the mat to learn Aikido, either traditional kihon or internal strength principles?
Agree, but I think it is putting pressue on the institutions.

Long story and I have to run, but my whole reason for getting involved in the MMA movement was exactly that, geting my ass handed to me by someone that had been training only for a few months. It broke me down and had me made, but I looked at it to figure out what I was not understanding about the paradigm shift I was facing. In the end, I reached a deeper understanding about martial arts, dynamic movement, and the spectrum of conflict and what fits were in the greater scheme of things. I am a better martial artist for not sticking my head into the sand.

In the end, Aikido still had a place in my training, albeit not the same as it did before. however it is just as valuable once I figured out what was wrong with my methods of training.

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