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Re: Vantage points

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Dan's been permanently banned from Aikiweb (this very thread was the catalyst), but you can find his schedule at
That's a pity. Not a surprise to me though, since he is very outspoken and some of what he has said (which I agree with to a large extent) does indeed run counter to the rules of AikiWeb (which I also agree with).

I just spent a great weekend with Dan in Bristol. It was my first hands-on with him and it changed me from finding what he has said on the forums challenging and stimulating, to being convinced that this stuff is indeed very special and powerful, and indeed missing from most teaching in aikido dojos.

I have plenty to work on and think about after the weekend. I am starting to work with opening and closing the shoulders and kua, which I find very applicable to aikido technique. It was the first time (outside a yoga class, at any rate) that I have ever heard the tanden described as a three-dimensional structure, rather than a point or an amorphous blob, and I find this very illuminating. Lots of other stuff to explore too.

As I said, it is a shame that it seems Dan won't be posting any more, since it was through this very forum that I heard about him.

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