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Re: does nikyo hurt?

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
it all depends on your uke reaction.

the whimper: aaahhhh oooooo eeee eekkk oooooo
the religious: oh god! oh god! that's hurt! oh dear god almighty! oh god!
the masochist: oh that hurt! please don't stop! more! more! hurt me more!
the taichi practitioner: hah! your old man playing flute technique is poorly execute! i will counter it with the single whip and follow it with double whipping for good measure!
the kyokushin karateka: ha! my wrist fused to my forearm, you can't do that to me. now eat my fused knuckle fits!
the mime: not saying much but trying to put nikyo on his own foot
the catholics: holy mary mother of god! i have sin. please punish me some more!
west coast aikidoka: pease man! like like lighten up dude!
east coast aikidoka: you call that a nikyo! who's your teacher! i am going kick his ass!
midwest aikidoka: you mind help me with the other bucket to bail this flood out?!! while at it, you mind grab the snow shovel too?
ki aikidoka: your weight is not underside! you haven't extend your ki! and your point is sticking out!
the taekwondoist: while you put on nikyo, i'd just bring up both of my feet and do some aerial manuever around your head! and then scratching my nose with my toe!
the watcher of too many Ip Man movies: i will hit you repeatedly and keep hitting while you put on nikyo! then i will bong sao and lap sao you! then i bong you some more and laugh at you! hah hah hah!
You forgot to mention MMA, Koryu, Nishio...
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