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Re: Ranking systems in different countries

John Robinson wrote: View Post
Despite only ranking for yellow belt in Aikido recently, I have however been thrashing the stupid BBCs PCs gameboys playstation 2s and xbox360s pretty much since they first came out. This has given me, an average of just about 10-000 gaming hours over my lifetime in my opinion. Or a lot by any means. That isn't to say that I am any good at any one particular game (even though I still cite beating final fantasy 7 with both hidden elder dragons, and clocking final fantasy nine including completing the skipping game in it with 100% score) as definitely something of a pinnacle of my gaming career. These kind of achievements take what over 1000 hours at the game in and as of themselves, which if not proving for a very blooded and single minded endeavor I don't know what is. Now a days I alternate between elder scrolls 4, tekken tag 2 and just dance 3 to get my kicks. Which if anyone on here knows the foggiest about games, will probably tell you a lot about the kind of person I am! Oh well. I don't suppose that helps much? John.
Elder Scrolls 4? Why on earth aren't you playing Skyrim!??!?!? Silly monkey, clearly you are no master!

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