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You scare me sometimes Larry.
Larry Camejo (L. Camejo) wrote:
Aiki is what I also call the Qigong state.

Perfect harmony with the univerese and all things within it. Matching the vibration of one's personal ki with the ki of the cosmic.
Interesting though how these terms are pretty universal. Have you bought the Nariyama/Shishida book yet - right at the beginning they answer the question "What is Aiki" from a historical to conceptual point of view. Very very clear. Like a lot of these things there really seems to be a more esoteric version and at the same time something more practical. When a Tomiki stylist refers to Aiki they are probably refering to the more practical sense see Chuck Clark's comment above. That of course does not negate the more esoteric either. It is one of the ideas the certain Daito Ryu officiados tend to forget when they say Ueshiba didn't understand Aiki. It is clear to me that Ueshiba understood something since the suggestion of the inclusion of Aiki in the Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu came from the time at Ayabe. What he prefered to emphasize latter in life or if he changed the meaning to suit his outlook is another question. I find what some people call Aiki very strange - don't know if it was ever related to what Ueshiba M. believed.

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