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Re: Can we see that aikido is all over the place in MMA?

Mert Gambito wrote: View Post
This is what maddens those of us who've made the effort to train with Dan, Mike Sigman, Sam Chin, and Aunkai folks when skeptics try to nitpick IP/IS training from an armchair. These IP/IS systems are comprehensive, fully formed methodologies with incredibly detailed protocols for using intent to achieve specific objectives for body conditioning. Someone who's found benefit in having a strength coach or personal fitness trainer would appreciate the level of detail in these IP/IS methods, even though these methods are nothing like conventional strength or fitness training.
I've been convinced that aiki is different from technique.

The technique is jujutsu (as Mochizuki considered aikido to be). There's no surprise that some cognates of these techniques show up throughout every fighting art. Timing and techniques can be extremely effective.

But aiki is not "timing and technique"--even blending, non-resistant technique.

I'm convinced that aiki actually is a body skill independent from movement.

"Aikido technique" is form.

Aiki is formless.

Interesting that, after all Dan Richards' explanations of what aiki, IP and IS are, after meeting Howard, he's thinking of going back to judo.

That is the meaning of "It has to be felt."

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