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Brandon Cole (bcole23) wrote:
<snip> The 4th kyu I practiced with and I went over the entire list of 1st kyu examination requirements. He knows how to do all the techniques on that list and more, but that doesn't make him a 1st kyu, whereas in other MA's it would. So why the difference? That's a question best answered by years of practice and not words.
Hi Brandon!

A very nice post with lots of good points. I have just one comment: In other MA's knowing the techniques is not neccesarily enough to make the next grade. I used to do karate, and it was emphazised that one should not just learn the techniques, but should also 'put in the hours'. Actually my 3. kyu grading was very similar to my 7. kyu grading, but the level at which the techniques should be performed was much higher.

Just a little squeak

- Jørgen Jakob Friis

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