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Re: where is the Aiki in Dentokan Aiki-Jujutsu

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Hi Mert,

Thank you for your reply and insight. Sadly I think some concepts are lost in translation sometimes. So for example "kamae" and "kuzushi" are never used in my club but posture and balance are. The same principles are being taught but there is no connection made to aiki. The issue I have is is that Aiki-Jujutsu is a Japanese martial art. If you don't use Japanese terminology to explain the principles behind the waza, then the concept of "aiki" can become lost and become just a name, merely a prefix added to Jujutsu. Likewise, we are constantly taught not to use strength, but again no connection is made to aiki...or even jujutsu for that matter. I want to know what distinguishes Aiki-Jujutsu from Jujutsu, hence my study. I believe aiki (though something to be internalized in practice) is a real martial concept. It puzzles me that it is not emphasised more in my club.
Yeah, what's something's called doesn't mean much in the greater scheme of things. I know that the Dentokan, KoKoDo and other arts that descended from Hakkoryu have changed nomenclature, and to varying degrees, the syllabus. Aiki Nage is still in the Dentokan's shodan-ge according to the Dentokan hombu's website. So, a natural question is, when Aiki Nage is taught, how is the definition, importance and role of aiki imparted to people who're learning that waza? This isn't something you necessarily have to publicly discuss here, if you're not comfortable doing so. But it is important for addressing what you're trying to resolve.

Now, after doing such investigation, if it turns out "aiki" is truly just an add-on term, then that is indeed too bad.

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