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Re: Has anyone surpassed O'Sensei?

J�rgen Jakob Friis wrote: View Post
Yeah. Here's a thought: Even though O-sensei undoubtly was a great martial artist and innovator, the image of him presented to us is always the result of a communication process. The Aikikai should honor his remarkable work, but they also need him as the common fulcrum for all Aikido acrosse the world. We all may honor one or the other shihan who have been defining for the type of Aikido that we do, but we all agree O-sensei was unique. If we - just for arguments sake - were to agree that he was not, and that some other sensei had surpassed him... then what? how would this change the landscape of Aikido - especially the Aikikai?
Sure he was unique, so is everybody else.

Just because people have made advances that Newton never dreamed of doesn't mean that Newton's achievements (for example) were any less important. I'm not saying that anyone has or hasn't done that in Aikido - but I'm saying that for it to happen is natural, and nothing to worry about.

I have no doubt that the Aikikai needs Ueshiba. The question is, do we need the Aikikai?



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