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Thanks Robin and Jorgen. Yes I am still feeling a little bit gleeful over the whole prospect. The thing is, in my club they don't just *give* belts away, you really have to earn them. And the ten years til black was really a hazy guess on my part. Perhaps it would take ten til second dan?

Anyway let me let you in on a little bit of the picture what happened yesterday. We started the class in the usual way. Warm up then waza. Mostly projections (nage) to begin with. Then about three quarters of the way through the lesson he calls me and one of the classes dan grade aikidoka (lets just call him G for the time being), and tells us to execute a number of techniques, with me as tori and G uke. Well some of these I remembered but most I couldn't (because my memory for japanese names is pretty bad).

The good news however is that when I couldn't remember the name of a technique the sensei and g were happy to remind me, and then i copied and got it right. I have got a good recall for internalizing these moves, you see i have been doing aikido for over five months now on and off,

Then I sat down and had a rest whilst the rest of the group worked on Ikkyo. Before I joined in again, and then was called to the head of the class at the end of the session to be rewarded with a hearty pat on the back and that fabled first colour (5th kyu). Nice one!

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