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Re: Has anyone surpassed O'Sensei?

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Ted Williams is the greatest hitter of all-time. No drugs, no 350ft. fences, no strike zones the size of a small plate. Yet every year we hear about a "modern" best hitter ever. So yes, we constantly comparatively evaluate others in a manner that transcends time.
Yep.. it's just so much easier to evaluate once you got statistics... "O-sensei were able to do 27 throws in one minute" just dosn't have the ring to it does it?

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No one has surpassed Ueshiba Sensei in the sense that the over-whelming burden of the integrity and ethos of aikido was shouldered by him. Even today, mainstream aikido often relies on the ethos he established. Some of his early shihan would be the most likely candidates in that argument if you wanted to have it.
Yeah. Here's a thought: Even though O-sensei undoubtly was a great martial artist and innovator, the image of him presented to us is always the result of a communication process. The Aikikai should honor his remarkable work, but they also need him as the common fulcrum for all Aikido acrosse the world. We all may honor one or the other shihan who have been defining for the type of Aikido that we do, but we all agree O-sensei was unique. If we - just for arguments sake - were to agree that he was not, and that some other sensei had surpassed him... then what? how would this change the landscape of Aikido - especially the Aikikai?

This is one of those interesting intersections between the Japanese way and the western tradition of (over-)thinking and analyzing... so I'll just shut up now and go do my suburi

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Oh, and my dad could completely beat up O Sensei.
Na-ah.. no way! but my dad could wipe you'r dad out any day... can too

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