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Re: Bokken, Jo, Sword?

My instructor recommends that the jo be as long as the distance between the floor and one's solar plexus. It makes sense to me that one's weapon be adapted to their height.
As for the sword, how long have you been training? It's a very important question. You might want to use a bokken for a few months before trying a live blade.
Maybe two years ago, I started a thread, it was called "Need help to choose a katana", or something like that. I received a lot of extremely precious advice. Read it if you manage to find it.
Now, from my experience, I suggest that you try to draw a sword before buying it. Some are for displaying only. Still, I tried my chance and ordered one on, the "Classic Crane Tsuba Handmade Samurai Katana Sword". It has some flaws, but I can draw it without any problem, and I can train with it. And it's cheap. I just avoid trying to actually cutting something with it, as I have been advised.
Ask Sensei if you are ready to train with a sharp blade.
I shall resurrect my old tread, as I have some updates to share with all those who contributed with their advice. If I can find the time to look for it.
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