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Re: keep One Point

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
Our lineage is Tohei to Maruyama. (Shuji) When we were with Maruyama the 4 principles of Kokikai where teaching points.

We don't focus on them now...Ron's approach is different.

Having correct feeling is essential to our practice...having one point is another way to say that.
Hi Mary. Thanks for the reply. I agree that keeping one principle in mind ie: correct feeling, is an example of 'keeping a one point' (of focus), however it is different in respect that even it stems from the principle of one point itself. Very literally a point.

Focusing on one thing is great. Focusing on space, focusing on energy, focusing on centre, focusing on various feelings individually etc. all good. For me and as I explain to others that once two or more principles are then 'seen' or used together naturally then the persons view becomes of course more expansive but more importantly the different aspects can then become seen as one whole so back once again to oneness or one point.

I even say that a person may look at all the things they have to do let's say they are confronted with having to face changing something they consider is 'all too much' or too overwhelming for them. This may be even something as simple as clearing out a room so that a new carpet can be layed. All those different actions necessary. Yet if you calmly space it all out into steps, all sequenced out then yit becomes just one 'cycle', one sequence of actions. Back to one again. At that point all seems easy. Another example of the power of one.

Just some added thoughts of mine.

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