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Re: dvd recommendations

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Most of what Nishio sensei have done is available on youtube. I find it immensely inspiring to watch. It is probably far away from what you do today, but maybe it will give you a new perspective on how Aikido can be in one interpretation.

Check it out on youtube. If you enjoy it - go pick up his DVD's.

Nishio sensei was against making DVD's BTW. In his point of view aikido is never 'like this' but always developing. Somebody talked him into it however, and today we are a number of people who are quite happy about that.


Thanks JJ for the suggestion, I've actually already bought the evideos from aikidojournal and downloaded them onto my laptop. I think Nishio Sensei is the single most inspirational Aikido instructor that I am familiar with from my exploration of the Aikido community online. It's not only his emphasis on maintaining the martial integrity of the art that really inspires me, it's his reflexes and movement that amazes me. His reactions are very fast and it is clear he has been developing his training for some time to perfect the martial quality and the art of Aikido simultaneously. Even if when I eventually cross from AJJ to Aikido my training does not exactly reflect his style, his dvds and example will serve as a source for me to one day with enough skill and experience, develop my own expression. The martial effectiveness of Aikido is something that is very important to me.
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