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Re: "Conventional Muscles" and Internal Power

Hi Walter, I agree 100% with that post. I guess my point was something like this:

Within one strategy of coordinating the body, there are infinite specific skillsets (different sports, activities, etc) as you mention. If there are 2 strategies of coordinating the body, then you can have sport #1 done with coordination strategy #1 or coordination strategy #2.

So, if learning a new activity within one coordination strategy can be a little bit hard. But you have much less work to do than learning an entirely new coordination strategy. In which case, you have to learn how to sit, stand, walk, reach, etc, with the new coordination. Once you have that then more fun things like martial arts are much easier.

Anyway that's a bit of thread drift I think. In terms of identifying what is "conventional" vs "internal," I don't have much more to say than my previous "combinations of local muscle action" vs "tanden-controlled body-wide tensile web" descriptions. Good luck in Buffalo!
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