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Re: Ranking systems in different countries

John Powell wrote: View Post
... so that's 19.23 years ...
Well, that made me sit up:

I'm practicing for 19 years, 12 weeks and 5 days now to the day.

I had 7 years with 5-6 days in the dōjō. One day was 2,5 hours. I count 5 times/week.
=> 4550 h

12 years with 3 days, 2-2,5 hours. I count 2 hours.
=> 3744 hours

I'm attending seminars about once a month. Mostly Friday-Sunday, one class 2-2,5 hours plus about two times a year a five day long seminar. I did not attend a seminar during my first year.
I count 17 years,10 seminars each year, 8 hours of practice each seminar. (I think this gives a minimum value.)
=> 1360 hours

I do not count the solo practice (bodywork and qi things) of about 1,5 hours each day.

This sums up to 9654 hours of practice.

Only 346 hours to go until I reach mastery!
Even if I don't attend any seminar with my teacher or our shihan anymore I will reach mastery in about 1.11 years!
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