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Re: Affiliation conundrum

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Situation: Practiced at and helped start dojo A, which belongs to organization A, for close to 10 years. Left dojo after a move and financial situation. Was off the mat for a couple years. Recently, found another dojo I really like. Dojo B, belonging to organization B. Dojo B is a slight detour on my commute home from work. Dojo A is an hour away.

My financial situation is better now, but my schedule is not class time friendly for either dojo's schedule. I have spoke with both sensei about splitting my time between the two as they both have one class a week that I can make.

I suspect I will put slightly more time in at dojo B do to schedule and commute. Dojo B visits affiliated dojo in the region frequently. Dojo A has a special place in my heart.

I'm torn about affiliation because I respect both sensei(s).
I actually have the exact same situation. I was one of the first students at my Dojo A, love the entire organization, and I'm actually picking grad schools specifically around areas with dojos in organization A. I moved an hour and a half way from Dojo A for my school, but traveling an hour and a half twice a week just puts too much strain on my finances. I found Dojo B that is 15 minutes away from my home, and I really like the Sensei as well. Both Sensei (Senseis? That looks weird, what's the correct plural here?) are aware of my time splitting and both are fine with it. I will continue ranking with Dojo A, and still enjoy practice with Dojo B. The only real decision I see is to decide which organization you are going to rank with, and to make sure that the other Sensei is ok with the rankings you receive. I chose to keep ranking with A specifically because I will be staying in the organization throughout my moves around the country. This made it an easier decision for me since I know I will be moving around this time next year. You sound like you are in a more permanent position, so that decision might be harder for you. What are the pros and cons of rank within A and B for you?

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