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Jeff Tibbetts
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This is actually something that I've known about for some time, but it goes beyond just Aikidoİ My wife happens to be very interested in Native culture, and I'm very much obsessed with Japan and it's history/religionİ For some time when we were both learning alot about each one we would talk about something we read, and sort of "compare notes"İ What I realized is that at their roots they are VERY similar, their beliefs are virtually identical but clothed in some different myths and specificsİ This may be true for many religions, especially ancient or "pagan" ones, but some of the similarities between Shinto and Native beliefs are shockingly similarİ On a loose level, both were in ancient times taken to be pretty much literal by the masses, but the higherups knew most of it to be allegorical or representationalİ In Shinto, the tree is woshipped not because it acually is going to uproot and talk and protect, but because it IS what it ISİ They saw the connection between things in nature and the universe and our place within that webİ Anyway, suffice to say that they are really very interestingly connected, and I think it'd make a great research topicİ

PİSİ Dave, I'd be very interested to learn what you find about Native martial arts, as my wife and I can't seem to find anything about it other than some battlefield tactics, and some info about very basic stick fighting that she read aboutİ If you know of anything that I could read or get to my wife that would be greatly appreciated!

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