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Re: Bokken, Jo, Sword?

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Thanks for your info, I would guess height would make a difference on which size Jo, I'm 6'. Ours Jo's look to be about 5', (not sure on thickness), should ask my sensei.
5' = 60 inches, which is a very long jo indeed -- I don't think I've ever seen one that long. I have a SMR jo which is 48 1/2" long (about), from my SMR days; my aikido sensei loves to tease me about it. For aikido I use a 51" jo which is also a good bit thicker than my SMR jo. Bokken, I've got a white oak bokken I've had for a long time (again from SMR days) which is non-Iwama and typical of those used at the aikido dojo where I train. At another dojo, it could be totally different. The internet is really the last place I'd ask for advice on what type of weapons to get. Find out what to get from your sensei, who will probably also have a good idea of where to get it. If not, that's where the internet can help.
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