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Re: "Conventional Muscles" and Internal Power

Walter Martindale wrote: View Post
I don't doubt that something's going on. I've been bashed to the ground by Kawahara (late 8th dan shihan) and not known what happened, didn't feel any tension. Been put to the ground by a sensei in the Hiroshima police dojo, by Takase sensei in New Zealand, Masuda sensei from Aikikai Hombu (but in New Zealand) without feeling any muscular tension. Grabbing the late Tohei (from Chicago) sensei felt like grabbing smoke. I'm struggling with the name of the shihan in Nagoya who visits NZ frequently, but he's also biffed me around while it felt like I was holding a banana in a gi sleeve.
Sorry, I should have included this in my last post.

It's interesting to note the list of "mysterious teachers" above (Sawada is the one from Nagoya, and there is some interesting back story there that I won't go into) - all of who are apparently acceptable to the conventional Aikido community even though they do mysterious things with little or no explanation.

Masuda, for example, I've known for over thirty years and have translated for on many occasions, but he has never once, in the time that I've known him, given anything approaching the detail and clarity of explanation that you'd get from some of the IP folks that are criticized for their lack of explanation.

And yet - that's generally accepted in the Aikido community for a hombu shihan (I like Masuda, and this isn't about him personally - it's just a symptom of the situation).



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