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Re: "Conventional Muscles" and Internal Power

Watching these discussions evolve over the years is interesting. There still seem to be all sorts of IS / IP skeptics. Now, the IP community , if you can call it that, is better educated on what is understood to be the science of the whole thing (which is itself an evolving body of knowledge). It's as if we think that if we can find a scientific way of explaining what is happening for something that we already know to be true it will make it more true and the skeptics will come around.

While I do have my copy of Anatomy Trains, I didn't need it to know that this stuff is real. Ten years ago I had my hands on Kuroda Sensei while he sent my partner to the floor. The muscles in his arms where I was touching NEVER fired, period. They were totally soft.

Over the years I have trained on a number of occasions with Don Angier Sensei. I could white knuckle that man and he'd have me on the ground and I never felt a thing.

Of course I could say that my own teachers operate on this level but people would discount that because, after all, everyone's teacher is the best around...

But there are enough people who do operate on this level from the aiki community that continued skepticism just feels to me like climate change denial. It's uninteresting and runs completely counter to my own direct experience. At this point there are enough places you can get direct, in person, experience on this stuff that I have no time for folks who keep wanting to have the discussions who haven't had their hands on folks with the skills.

So far, no one has come forward who has felt any of the teachers out there on the circuit and come back saying it was all BS or that they had stopped these guys. I am waiting for that. Then maybe there's grounds for skepticism.

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