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Mert Gambito
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Re: "Conventional Muscles" and Internal Power

Benjamin Edelen wrote: View Post
Yes exactly. Obviously I am not arguing against internal training, as it is nearly an obsession for me. I simply don't think there is any mutual exclusivity between being physically capable outside martial arts and being physically capable inside them. That apparently touches on the persecution complex built into at least one internal training orthodoxy, so people can't agree to disagree.
Certainly there isn't pure mutual exclusivity, given there's varying crossover with non-exclusively-martial practices such as qigong, yoga and shiatsu.

"Persecution". Strong word. Time will prove out why that certain "orthodoxy" is reaching a seeming plurality of acceptance by IP/IS adherents here. In any case, meeting Dan Harden and having an engaging physical and philosophical discussion about the topic is so much more productive than doing so here.

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