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Re: "Conventional Muscles" and Internal Power

Michael Varin wrote: View Post
Just to play the Devil's advocate...

Why do you think that this can't be or isn't done with any type of movement? For instance a snatch or a clean?

Isn't this exactly what building skill is about?
I can see it now: Olympic Budo-lifting.

Two opponents, face each other, and MAY perform any of the sanctioned lifts of his choice. Should both execute the lifts, the highest qualifying lift wins.

However, one may opt to instead hoist the weight at his opponent. In the event that he misses his opponent and the opponent completes his lift successfully, his own lift must be scored as zero.

In the event the hoist contacts the opponent, but the other successfully completes his lift, the qualifying lift will be scored as normal, whereas the damage inflicted against him will net a numerical score for the hoister as described below.

Should mutually assured destruction arise that both parties hoist the weight at his opponent, points shall be awarded for the number of disabled limbs. Small-joint destruction does not net any points - however, exceptional numbers of disabled small-joints may net under special circumstances a judges' choice style award point.

In the event that during a normal lift, a lifter actually disables one of his own limbs, he shall net a point for his opponent as if his opponent had damaged him.

Should both actually miss his opponent, and thus a tie arise, the match shall reset and start again.

Somewhere embedded in here, there is a point, I swear.

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