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Re: atemi at end of technique

Hugh Beyer wrote: View Post
No. Check the 1935 Asahi News video. O-Sensei uses no atemi there.
I don't have my copy of Stan Pranin's Conversations with the Daito ryu Masters with me at the moment, but there is some information in there about the Asahi dojo, one of the more interesting periods in the history of Aikido.


1) Osensei was teaching there and they shot that film.
2) Takeda came to town
3) Osensei left rather suddenly, i think to Ayabe.
4) Takeda began teaching at the Asahi News Dojo.

5) Dojo members found a way to express their concern that they weren't being taught anything reproducible. Osensei would just get up there and do spontaneous technique. He left and Takeda did the same exact thing. He'd get ukes to attack him and he'd do some amazing stuff but he wasn't giving them a training method they could use to learn how to do what he was doing.

6) Tokimune was there, and he said "Hey, how about we teach these folks the Hiden Mokuroku like back in the day?"

7) So they studied the Hiden Mokuroku and produced the Soden.

I believe there may have been some normalization between the Takumakai and Tokimune's mainline group in the middle of the 20th centiury. Not sure where I read that but the two groups look somewhat similar these days. Pretty sure the Takumakai does todome now.

So the solution to the mystery of the disappearing todome could be a matter of political de-martialization. Or it could be an issue of Osensei eschewing the kata of Daito ryu and instead focusing on showing off the principals.

It could also be that the todome were not added in until later, too, I am not really sure.
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