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Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
When you have all the answers it is hard to be in the question.
I wasn't contributing an answer, Mary, I was qualifying a "dimension." Time is not outside of spatial dimensions - it's one of them. We can not move outside of spatial dimensions and into the dimension of time, unless we want to go back to Newtonian physics (aka classical mechanics), and disregard the very physics that created these computers and allows us to communicate this way. modern physics - which has been around for a good hundred years, also interestingly enough, agrees with Eastern mysticism with regards to space/time. Time is referred to as the "4th dimension" and it is a spatial dimension.

You mentioned you moved on from the 4 principles, and into some else. How was your experience of "keep one point" useful, or not, as a learning tool? And if you're moved on, what have you found has been an improvement?
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