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Brian Beach
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Re: Ranking systems in different countries

I still don't agree with your critique.

If mastery is the "goal" wherever you spend the 10,000 hours is time well spent. If you never take a test in your life you can achieve skill and depth.

If rank is the goal, then time in the system is the only time that matters because the rank is reflective of time spent in the system.

To use your education model. You can gain the knowledge without gaining the degree. You can't get the degree without following the protocol.

Skill is worked for and rank is given. The skill is yours, the rank belongs the organization.

Reading between the lines it sounds as if you are frustrated between a disconnect between your idea of your skill level and your official rank.

Again, not universal but my experience is (not a commercial Dojo) the money I pay is so I have place to practice with has lights, heat, bathrooms etc. More of a co-op fee than a perpetual tuition, imo. I was in class Sat. with three 5th dans as fellow students as well as first month newbies. They all were having fun, working on stuff and contributing to the same bills that I am. We all need someone to practice with and a place to do it.

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