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Re: Ranking systems in different countries

Dan Richards wrote: View Post
I'm a bit at a loss at the resistance to the idea of the comparison of aikido and educational systems.
In his Tenshin shoden katori shinto ryu budo kyohan Sugino Yoshio has a separate chapter named: "budō as part of the educational system" where he emphasizes that the purpose of true budō is not "to advance". (i.e. "... attending X amount of courses, understanding and being able to demonstrate X number of skills and techniques, by proceeding from one degree to the next, by putting in X amount of time, and passing X number of examinations.").
This was written 1941.

And I share his opinion. Being part of the educational system as a "school"-teacher and being part of the transmission of aikido by teaching aikidō, I see a fundamental difference of the main purpses:

The educational system (Kindergarten, School, University as it is here) try to build the knowledge, the culture of a person.
The keiko, renshu, ... (there ist no translation of "learning" in those words but some meanings of doing, repeating ... ) of aikidō tries to build the person itself.
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